Once you complete your style profile and choose your style in a box selection, you will be charged for the Style in a Box Service chosen We offer two types of style Boxes.


The Go For It Style in a Box selection works differently. When you make this selection, after completing your style profile, you will be charged a $25.00 non-refundable fee. This charge will apply once you press the “RELEASE MY STYLE BOX” button. In this Style in a Box you will receive 6 items.

Your styling fee will be applied to any purchase of any item in your current”Go for It Box Style in a Box”. It does not roll over to your next shipment and is non-refundable. If you decide to keep 5 or more items, you will receive a 25% discount off the entire purchase. Please also ask your stylist about our new three-month no interest auto pay plan. This can only be set up with your stylist. Your stylist will go over this plan with you.

PLEASE NOTE: Ask your stylist about our three-month NO interest re-occurring auto pay plan which allows you to pay off your box in three months, first payment will be charged when you decide what you will keep and thereafter next two payments will be re-occurring on same day of month. (This only applies to Go for It) If your credit card declines during your three month plan you will not be able to use this plan.

How do I checkout when I choose the “Go For It Style in a Box”

We at MixandMatchBox.com will do the checkout procedure once we have received your returns. If you email us and tell us you are keeping all items in your Style in a Box, we will then charge your card accordingly and email your receipt.

(PLEASE NOTE: Due to unfortunate theft, All New Clients will have a Pre authorization Hold in the amount of $25.00 this will be Pre authorized to your credit card at the time of shipping. Your $25.00 will apply to any purchase in your style box or if you decide to return all merchandise you will be credited back once we receive returns. This applies to our Go for it style box. If your credit card declines prior to shipping you will lose your styling fee and your box will not ship)

Steps to checkout:

  1. Email Hellostylist@MixandMatchBox.com in the Memo section please add your stylist’s name. In the email please notify your stylist which items you love and are keeping or which items just didn#t hit the mark. Please elaborate why you liked/disliked the items so your stylist will have more information to curate an even better assortment for your next Style in a Box. If you are keeping all of the items, please indicate in your email “Loved everything check me out”. At that point we will charge your credit card and email your receipt.

  2. After you have notified us, via email of your return, please place all return items in the RETURN MAIL PAK provided. Please ship your return package within 5 days of your receipt of merchandise so you are not charged the full amount of each item therein.

  3. Once we receive your return, your credit card will be charged for the total amount of the items kept, less the $25.00 styling fee (which is applied toward your purchase). We will only charge your credit card for the items not included in your return package. At that time we will issue an email receipt for your records. If everything is returned, you will receive an email confirmation that we have received your return and no additional charges will be charged. If we do not receive a shipping notification from you within the 5-day period (5 days of your receipt of merchandise) and we do not receive our merchandise back, we will contact you via phone and/or email. At that point if we do not hear from you and your return window has expired, we will have no choice but to charge your credit card the full amount and email your receipt. If your credit card becomes invalid, we will email you and advise you if we receive no answer, we will deem this as a theft and report to authorities.


Once you have placed your style in a box subscription/order, we will email your tracking information when your style in a box is ready to ship. Your shipping and returns are always FREE. You can always request priority shipping for an additional $15.00 shipping fee.


Shipping is free both ways. Inside every Style in a Box is a mail pak with a return label affixed to it. Just put your return items in and ship it back with the provided carrier through any drop box or mail store within the 5 days allotted (5 days after receipt of your style in a box). Please let us know immediately if your package doesn’t arrive on time or if the carrier has lost your package. You can do so by contacting us at customerservice@mixandmatchbox.com and we will make an exception on your return date. If we do not receive your return package two weeks from the receipt of your style in a box, RETURNS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

PLEASE NOTE, if a style in a box is returned with different items, this includes items from previous style boxes we will not be able to process the return. The exact items that were received must be returned.Merchandise should not be worn, used, altered, or washed and must have all tags attached.Any items containing make-up, body odor, perfume animal hair etc., will not be accepted.


We believe that regularly scheduled shipments are a truly effortless way to keep your style fresh.

If your not ready for a recurring every other month, you can order our “Go for It Style in a Box” order as you go! This style in a box contains 6 items of clothing and/or accessories. You have the choice of when to RELEASE YOUR STYLE BOX. The choice is yours, you can always switch to the subscription or keep it as “order as you go”.

The “Go for It Style in a Box” is charged when you make your decision of items to keep and/or return. The only up front charge is the $25.00 non-refundable styling fee which is charged upon release of your Style in a Box.

We want you to choose the solution that works best for you, whether that means shipments arrive automatically or you place an order manually


If you chose our “Go for it every other month” and would like to change/cancel, please email us at customerservice@mixandmatchbox.com. Please tell us in the email what you would like to do by putting PAUSE or CANCEL in the subject line of the email and give us the information needed. If you want to pause for instance, please give us the new date to re-start and if you want to cancel, please give a brief description of why you are cancelling.

In order for the changes to take place, this must be done 5 days prior to your billing date, which is the day of the month of your original purchase. If we receive your email after that period, it will apply to the next billing cycle and the pause or cancellation will apply to the following month.


Yes. We charge a non-refundable $25.00 styling fee for both of our Style in a Box selections.


Currently we style sizes 0-18.

Website Policy

Our Website is different from our styling service all returns are paid for from the consumer. You receive free shipping on orders over $75.00

Returns must be received within 7 days from the day your received order to be eligible for a refund, if any items have been worn or are missing tags, have any odors, animal hair your return will be rejected and sent back to you.

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